How 180 Minutes Can Change a Career

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The 180 is a company that helps teams think better together. They are educators that run 180-minute workshops for professionals—workshops that teach tech how to be more productive when working together. The founders are moved by the mission of helping teams and individuals to improve their careers and work processes through the power of workshops.

The group of UX researchers, recruiters, and designers behind the project came to me with a clear idea. The main objective was to create awareness around the brand and grab the attention of potential B2B and B2C customers. The brand tone of voice is playful, straight forward, educational, and professional.


As the symbol for the company, we took the concept of the 180-minute workshops leading to growth and improvement. The number “8” became the mascot and ambassador, telling the brand story in a visual language. We added typography, colors, and forms into the game so we could build up the right foundation for the communication of the brand.


the 180 brand identity project was awarded on the International Visual Identity Design Awards in 2021 and Red Dot Award in 2023


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