Personal Branding

Mayya Geo

colourful stationery mockup

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colourful stationery mockup


Hello there! I’m Mayya, a Bulgarian designer and artist. After working for more than ten years at the intersection of design, art, and technology, in 2021 I’ve needed to further develop my personal brand identity and website.


In the past due to a lack of strategy and guidelines, my brand was suffering from inconsistency. I struggled to communicate the right message. I needed to reimagine the visual representation, showcase my personality and create a flexible design enabling future growth.


My work is known for its strategic concept, user-centered design, and well-devised art direction. Therefore, I want my brand to speak in the same manner. It conveys my skills, professional experience, and style. Vibrant colors, patterns, geometric shapes, and typography make up my personal brand.


Brand strategy
Brand identity system
Web Design



Design & Marketing 

Inspirational text on blue background
brand stationery blue background
brand stationery with brand mission
Brand vision with brand stationery
Brand purpose with brand stationery
brand values with brand stationery
colourful brand stationery
Notebook mockup
person with a mobile device
brand stationery
Business cards stationery
Notebook stationery
Mayya geo headshot


The brand development aims to achieve awareness, and communicate to the targeted audience. Additionally, it should establish a brand system enabling long-term usage. The flexibility of the brand application is crucial since the brand application goes from digital to print and covers many different media.

Brand values
Logo concept
logo versions
brand colors
colourful patterns
Colourful brand pattern in red
Colourful brand pattern blue


Keywords of the brand development are – stand out, be flexible, and be playful.
geometric forms animation
geometric forms animation
geometric form animation
animated character on yellow background
maneki neko on colourful background