2020 and Our Solidarity

Tech professionals inspired by a real problem.

OurSolidarity is a non-profit project and is all about giving back to society, helping one another in a time of need and making it better together. It has been noticed in the spring of 2020, during the lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus, that a lot of people have been offering their availability to assist others.

Our Berlin-based group, consisting of four people, decided to create a mobile and web application, which could spread faster and reach more people, across different countries. The main objective was to have a highly accessible, multilingual, easy to use platform where people could register as either someone searching for help or offering one.

We’ve created a simple to use application and spread it through all different communication channels so it can reach more people. Only on the first day of the release, there were more than 30 people registered in Berlin.

We hope, however, that our product will hopefully find its new usage in the future and that there won’t be a need for this type of software.

Special thanks to Zhorzh, Mo and Hrach for the amazing teamwork.


Web App

Mobile App

Design thinking

Problem Solving



Corona hit Europe in March 2020, shortly after that we were all under lockdown. A few weeks after this, we saw a rising problem: sick people or old people couldn’t go to the shops on their own. They needed help with groceries or items from the pharmacy. We found out thousands of people were offering to help on social media channels. And that was the spark for the idea of this app. Create a place where both people looking for help and willing to help could be connected. The development couldn’t take us too long, as this platform needed to be life as soon as possible.

How does it work?

The App is quite simple to use. After registering on the platform users access the dashboard. There are two types of dashboards according to the user profiles.

For the ones searching for help, they have the functionality to create a list of items they need, choose preferred payment method and send their request.

After registering the ones offering help would access the dashboard where they can see a pool of requests in their area. They can choose to accept a request, after which contact between the two 1.person in need and 2.person offering help is created. Both types of users will receive feedback about the status of the request until it’s completed.

Brand identity

Because of the short timeline we’ve created the identity simultaneously with the development of the product. 

The cute small animal we choose for the logo is a chinchilla and that was also our work name for this project. Chinchillas are well-known animals for their group existence and the need to be social with their mates. So it was the perfect representation of the problem we were trying to solve.

Colors and fonts were also chosen to keep an optimistic, relaxed interface and keep the readability high. We wanted to keep the design as simple as possible and focus on the functionality.

Spread the word

In order to announce the platform, we’ve used different communication channels, in different countries to announce it.

As internet is everywhere and the easiest way to reach more people, we’ve used social media to spread the word and to enable people, who will be interested, to learn more about the platform.

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