Brand Identity for a Performance Driven Company

Next level of the brand identity for a direct mail marketing automation company.


optilyz has been on the German market since 2015. They offer a service for a direct mail automation to middle and big scale corporate clients. In 2021, they developed a different vision for their future and focus. That’s why they wanted a complete brand redesign—to find a better visual representation for the company.


As the service that optilyz provides is simple, easy to use, and valuable. They needed a brand identity that would speak to their corporate clients in kind; an identity that would correspond with their current values, brand mission, and vision. 


The brand identity we’ve created emphasizes the main service values and supports the idea of simplicity and progress. The new logo, as an established brand, is represented by a custom logotype with geometric typography. Moreover, as the main element and heart of the concept comes the accent in the first letter “o” combined with a triangle. A simple and trustworthy shade of blue was chosen to better fit the new brand usage. Complete guidelines of usage of the brand were designed to ensure consistent usage across all media.


Brand identity

Identity system
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Marketing, Advertising, Tech

optilyz before and after logo
optilyz before and after maskot
optilyz before and after web


optilyz is a brand that cares. It cares for the growth of its customers. It cares for the performance, results, and value it provides on a daily basis. People and relationships are at the heart of what the company does. That’s is why the brand can be relied upon for its connections.


Simple, flexible, straightforward design, visual language, and communication—optilyz is original, consistent, and flexible. It has a carefully designed brand system that can easily be applied to all different brand-placement mediums.

outdoor mockup
desktop mockup
blue brand stationery
bottle mockup
optilyz brand purpose
optilyz logo and logomark
mind mapping
mind mapping results
optilyz values
brand essence


The new logo, as an established brand, is represented by a custom logotype with geometric typography. All characters are based on a round form that is associated with customer-centered service. The modern, clean shapes are designed to enable easy legibility of the logotype in large and small sizes. Together with the logotype, there is an accent in the “o” creating the unique integrity of the forms and the logo. The character “o” in optilyz is designed in a way that can work as a logomark and also represent the brand on its own—a simple form that is a merging of a round shape and a triangle pointing in a positive direction. This unique symbol is associated with growth, performance, and (customer/company) progress.

optilyz logo concept
logo construction


The main color of optilyz is blue. This shade of blue is associated with trustful, approachable, mindful service. The main blue was often combined with the other blue shades in the guide in order to create depth and reach compositions. Next to the blue, we often used black and white colors in our designs.

color pallet
optilyz logo versions
optilyz logo placement
optilyz logo on blue background