From Work Tool to Smart Assistant

Soniq Services is a software company that develops operations and mobile software for building-service contractors.

mobile devices mockup

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mobile devices mockup


Soniq Services is an SaaS company that develops operations and mobile software for building-service contractors. A mobile app is one of the products in the company’s portfolio. The app is the main work tool cleaning professionals use to communicate, update, and stay in touch with their managers.


A redesign of the native mobile app based on business needs, user needs, and user feedback. The improvements focus on main functionalities, user flows, improving the app architecture, and most importantly, making the app accessible.


To conduct field, user, and market research in order to understand user pain points and feedback; then design a solution that will support and simplify the work of thousands of people. This will shape a product that will be easy to understand by people coming from different cultural backgrounds.


Mobile app

Product strategy

User research

Market research


Design system

Interaction design


Building Services


The project started with research, observation, and the defining of concrete problems.


We learned about the users, how they usually work, and how they use the current app. It was interesting to learn about all the different types of professional cleaners as well as all of their frustrations, achievements, and experiences. We found out they need the app to be their assistant and friend, along with the tool they use to simplify the work (rather than make it more complex).


Workshops and discovery sessions with the stakeholders and development team helped to set business expectations and product vision and to set the basis of the unique brand character.


In the wireframing and sketching-new-ideas phase, we did some pure conceptualizing of the new app. Features such as a calendar view, time tracking, absences, settings, and user profile were improved and revised.


We also updated the app architecture and the hierarchy of tasks.


The main inspiration for the new concept came from the real-world environment in which the professional cleaners work. Colors were aligned to the ones they are used to seeing, and we created graphics which mirror-real objects such as cleaning gloves and a “wet floor” sign.


The establishment of a design system with supporting graphics is one of the main visual improvements, and it drastically increases.


A new supporting design system and art direction were created in order to maintain the app and keep consistency within it. Also, it was designed with the thought of scalability and future development.


Micro-interactions and animations were designed in order to provide pleasant usage, reward and motivate users, and give the app a unique character.