Digital Brand Identity for the Intensive Medical Monitoring System of the Future

About the project

ConCardiacAIR is a medical monitoring system. It non-invasively records important vital parameters, analyzes them via a wirelessly connected platform and provides the attending physician with an overview of the patient’s overall hemodynamic situation.

The brief for this project was to create a digital brand identity and style guide that will support ConCardiacAIR online presence. The clients wanted a vision and art direction that will represent the company’s main values and characteristics – innovation, trustworthiness, sophistication. A vision that will represent what is ConCardiacAIR, what the company stands for and its competence.

The created visual identity emphasizes the main product functionalities as well as benefits and simplifies them in a beautiful pictorial logo mark. Symbols and graphics are playing with outlines and solid forms in order to create balance and intriguing compositions. The design combines traditional and modern elements in a compelling way in order to communicate fluently to the targeted brand audience.


Digital brand identity
Logo design
User Research
Market Research


Medical / Healthcare Technology

Main users of ConCardiacAIR Products are medical research professionals and all that are working with data science and AI.

ConCardiacAIR uses Mulish, a really clean and modern web-optimized font. Mulish is a minimalist Sans Serif typeface, designed for both display and text typography.

ConCardiacAIR pictorial mark logo is based on simple shapes and minimalistic typography. The logo consists of solid shapes and outlines in order to create an attractive form and balanced composition. It is carefully constructed to keep the legibility and elements visibility in a different range of sizes.

The logo is based on the blue-green palette. This strong color combination speaks and associates with competence, efficiency, intelligence, trust, security, health and harmony.
The main color palette is made of solid colors that transform into complex gradients. Gradients can be used in combination with solid colors in branding or visual design assets.

The logo mark transforms harmoniously into a pattern that can be used in branding materials, backgrounds and visuals.

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