Digital Brand Identity for the Intensive Medical Monitoring System of the Future

ConCardiac - featured picture

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ConCardiac - featured picture


ConCardiacAIR is a modern and innovative medical product. The brand is producing a medical monitoring system that non-invasively important vital parameters and analyzes them via a wirelessly connected platform.

We wanted to create a conceptual direction that would represent the company’s main values and characteristics—innovation, trustworthiness, sophistication. Our objective was to establish a gital brand identity as well as guidelines that would support the consistent online presence of the brand. This included developing a visual language that would showcase, support, and attract the attention of new customers.


The created identity emphasizes the main product functionalities and simplifies them in a beautiful pictorial logomark. Symbols and graphics play with outlines and solid forms in order to create balance and intriguing compositions.


Brand identity

Identity system
Logo design
User research
Market research


Medical / healthcare technology

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