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Last updated on 01.11.2021

Mayya Georgieva is an independent Bulgarian designer and painter. Born and raised in Sofia, she is now based in Berlin, though you could often meet and greet her in Vienna or her hometown. For over ten years she has worked in digital-product design, branding, and advertising, helping European companies build their dreamed-of digital products and brands.


Before becoming a full-time design studio of one in 2019, Mayya worked for design agencies and startups. There she served small and well-established businesses.


Mayya builds digital products and visual design works that are known for their smart strategic concepts, user-centered designs, vibrant colors, geometric forms, and well-thought-out art direction. She has designed mobile apps, mascots, brand identities, websites, and … and … and!


Some of the clients in her portfolio are Smirnoff, Unicredit, Smunch, Movinga, Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, and many others.


Mayya often works with teams of professionals to help establish or increase the scale of complex, digital, user-centered products. Other times she works as a one-woman show, designing brand identities or building bespoke digital experiences.


Part of her daily life is also dedicated to her contemporary figurative artworks. Different to her design work, here Mayya has the freedom to obey only the rules of her own vision and let her thoughts and ideas go wild. Keep an eye for upcoming exhibitions and look at the Geo Atelier for selected goods for sale. The shop will open online in the beginning of 2022.

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Design, strategy, and technology experience give me a wide range of skills that I would love to share with you.

UI/UX design

• Mobile & Web Apps

• Web Design

Brand identity

• Visual identity system

• Brand guidelines

Visual design

• Art direction

• Illustration & Animation


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Keep it simple.


Base decisions on knowledge and expertise. Look for the corresponding answer to the concrete problem.


Multidisciplinary problem-solving approach.


Work should be fun!


No one has all the answers. Always stay open to new perspectives.


Learn from the past, imagine the future, and create it today.