“I’ve learned to see beauty in every detail. And I want to share how you can too.


It’s the little things that make life beautiful. And if you can’t find it in the little things, I don’t know where else you’ll ever find it.


What I really love about beauty is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. It is the imperfections that often make things beautiful.”


Last updated on 25.02.2022

I am drawn to figurative subjects because I see the story in the life of an entity. My paintings of people and animals are not necessarily true to life, but instead, represent what could be. I capture moments of joy, leisure, and life in intricate portraits of women, influenced by poetry, fashion, and beauty. In creating my art, I strive to find the ideal shapes, colors, and compositions that tell the story, be it through digital means, canvas, or paper. My aim is to create art that elicits a smile and inspires dreaming in the viewer. As they examine the details, they are transported to the same imaginative world that I occupy.



Mayya Georgieva, artist name: Mayya Geo (December 1992 in Sofia) is a Bulgarian designer and artist. She is the founder of GEOBO a design studio specializing in branding for fashion businesses. Before founding the design studio, she held senior positions in the startup, freelance consultancy, and design agency worlds. Her experience extends from graphic design, visual arts, to digital design.


Mayya’s work has been internationally published, recognized, awarded, and exhibited at major design competitions and media, including the International Visual Identity Awards, Forward Festival, Design Made in Germany, Medium and Muzli.


She is the proud product of numerous cultural influences, including parents of Bulgarian and Armenian heritage. Mayya grew up in Sofia, Bulgaria and currently live in Berlin, Germany. That background shaped an open-minded, inclusive mindset about cultural identity, gender equality, and mutual acceptance.





The journey began in Sofia, Bulgaria, where Mayya was born and raised. Now, Berlin is her home, though you can often meet and greet her in her hometown or Vienna.


Her interest in using graphic software and paint professionally began when she was nine years old. Influenced by the Plakatstil, Bauhaus, and Pop art movements, Mayya became increasingly attracted to contemporary art and design. The increased use of modern technology, stop motion animation, and computer animation sparked her interest in digital products and gadgets.


Her first recognition as a professional artist was in 2006, when Mayya was part of a group exhibition at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria in Sofia after winning a drawing competition organized by the Bulgarian Red Cross. In 2011 she received a professional high school qualification in graphic design from the National School of Applied Arts in Sofia. In 2012 Mayya was part of a group exhibition at the Open Mind Art Festival organized by her fellow students and herself.


During her studies, she exhibited in numerous group exhibitions and took part in design and art competitions. In 2015 she completed a BFA in painting at the National Academy of Art in Sofia. In the same year, she presented her artwork as part of a group exhibition at the Union of Bulgarian Artists.



In the summer of 2008 when Mayya was fifteen years old she did her first internship in a design agency. For a couple of months, she helped with the design of Topshop magazine in Sofia.


During her studies in 2011, she interned as a graphic designer at the prestigious Havas agency. There she has worked for clients like Beaujolais Nouveau, Carrefour, and Société Générale.


In 2013 Mayya began as a graphic designer at the independent agency The Smarts in Sofia. In 2015 she was promoted into the position of art director and led projects for clients like Smirnoff, Unicredit, and GlaxoSmithKline. After taking numerous courses on UX and UI design in 2015 and 2016, Mayya focused her work on designing brands and digital products.


In 2016, a year after earning her bachelor of fine arts, Mayya relocated to Berlin. There she worked as an artist, an employee, and a freelance consultant for numerous companies.


In 2019, after gaining experience and building up a body of work, she began her journey as a full-time freelance designer with the goal of opening her own design studio. As a freelance consultant, Mayya often partnered with teams of professionals to help establish or increase the scale of complex, digital, user-centered products. Other times she worked as a one-woman show, designing brand identities, or building bespoke digital experiences for companies like Movinga, Smunch, HAVI Connect, Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, among others.


Driven by the dream of opening her own design studio, in 2021 Mayya founded GEOBO, and works with her team to help clients scale or establish their brands.



Mayya’s design and artistic repertoire includes digital and print designing, painting, creating graphic art, and collaborating with other designers and artists.


The brand and digital design works built by Mayya are known for their user-centered designs, vibrant colors, geometric forms, and well-thought-out art direction. 


For her contemporary figurative artworks, Mayya uses traditional, digital, and graphic media. She tells compelling stories through visual art, combining elements of the human and animal body, geometry, architecture, nature, and fashion, turning them into visual poetry.


Through form and rich details, Mayya likes to work with the subjects of beauty, storytelling, imagination, and reality. She depicts those in the form of imaginary, colorful portraits, where people and animals are drawn not as they are but as they could be.


Different to her design work, in her paintings Mayya has the freedom to obey only the rules of her own vision and let her thoughts and ideas go wild. Keep an eye out for upcoming exhibitions, and look at the GEO atelier for selected goods for sale. The shop will open online in 2023.



Keep it simple.


Know the core, be true to it and share it with the world.


Multidisciplinary problem-solving approach.


Work should be fun!


Keep it real.


No one has all the answers. Always stay open to new perspectives.